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"Art and his team have been doing landscape design and installation for me for over 45 years! No one remains in business that long without expertise, artistry, skill, dedication and perseverance. And clients do not come back over that period of time without gratitude and appreciation for what had already been accomplished. Approximately seven years ago, after struggling with my multiply-installed lawns which always seemed to grow more weeds than grass and usually were more yellow than green despite my best efforts, I turned to Art for "new approach." My artificial lawn is so beautiful and "real" that I specifically point out the engineering and installation magic to my guests, they are ignorant of its artificial nature. Even today, many years later, it looks great."

- Bill Schnall on Artificial Turf 

"Our lawn looks amazing. We wanted to spruce up our yard and found Brediger Land scape. I can't believe it's the same place. They were really fast and efficient. We recommended them to our friends and they've already used them and are happy about it as well. We would hire them again in a second!"

- Luke Chapman on Landscape and Artificial Turf

"We were tired of mowing our yard and we've been looking into turf for white a while. After extensive research we decided to use Brediger Landscape Company. They were really great to work with. They guys had our entire yard swapped out in 2 days. Now I never have to mow again!"

- James Whiteside on Artificial Turf

"After heavy rains our backyard began to slide away into the greenbelt. Art literally saved the day with his idea to create a huge retention wall. My husband was worried about how it would look. The thing looks way better than before! It has totally shaped our yard and we feel much more comfortable with the kids back there." 

- Allie McNeil on Retention Walls 

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