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The popularity and practicality of synthetic turf has revolutionized landscaping around the country and especially in the Pacific Northwest. The technology over the past 20 years has made premium quality turf virtually impossible to distinguish from manicured grass lawns. Our turf is beautiful 12 months out of the year, year after year! No watering or fertilizing, no mowing or edging, no insects or moles. Finally, no more soggy drainage issues and no more mud tracked indoors. 

We have more than 40 years of design and landscape experience. Unlike most synthetic turf companies, we can redesign your lawn footprint, construct retention walls and level sloped terrain, relocate plantings and landscape design. 


We have installed paver patios, sidewalks and driveways more than 30 years and have the design and engineering background to turn your landscape into a private garden retreat. We combine synthetic lawns with paver surfaces to make your landscape both functional and aesthetic. 


Retention walls are used to create dimension and more usable area for our landscape. We build structural and aesthetic walls in conjunction with paver surfaces and artificial lawns. Our expertise comes from more than 30 years constructing and designing retaining walls. 



The leading Pacific Northwest specialist in landscape design and installation of Washington native and exotic species. From tropical Palms to hardy Hinoki Cypress (pictured), we are experts at selecting the perfect fit for the project. Whether you prefer low-maintenance ground cover or bright, blooming canna lilies, Art will find exactly what you are looking for. 

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